Our honey comes from bee hives on our farm that we use to pollinate our fruits, berries and vegetables. We do not add anything to the honey. It is 100% pure honey extracted right from the bee hives on our farm and put into the jars. We do not heat or cook our honey.

Some of the jars come with a piece of actual honey comb inside them, which some people like to chew on. Local honey is great for allergies and is a healthier choice then artificial sweeteners. 

We are in the process of growing our bee hive population.  Due to such a high demand for pure local honey we have partnered with long time bee keeper Charles Force from Hernando to help us harvest our honey. 

When we sell out of our honey we will stock and carry some of his honey that is also local to the Hernando area.  Our honey will have our label on it and his will have his label on it so you will know the difference when you come to the store.  They are both pure and local though.