June & July

Tuesday – Friday 9:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

Book a private field trip for your group with 250+ people.  If you have less then 250 people we may book another group on the same day.

Groups that have made Reservations such as: Day Cares, Nursing Homes, Scout Groups, Kids Camps, Youth Groups, Church Groups and Home School groups may be eligible for the school group rates but may be subject to 7% MS sales tax.

All tax exempt groups must bring a copy of their MS sales tax exempt letter upon check in if they do not already have one on file with us, we only need one per school on file. Any unscheduled group may be charged general admission prices.  Out of state tax exempt letters will not work for MS sales taxes.

There is a 25 person minimum for a home-school group or in-home daycare wanting school group rates on a non home-school or in-home daycare day.

Pick n’ Play (no tour): Starts at $5 per person.

During Berry Picking season we also have a Pick n’ Play only option that does not have a group minimum.  This package includes a pint container for $5 per person, quart for $10, or a gallon for $15 (you will pick your own berries to fill the containers).  If we have a tractor available you will ride out to pick with your group (if no driver is available then we will let you drive back to the field), then you can play on the playground, and picnic, but you will not get the tour with the train ride, petting zoo, or chicken show.


Package #1: $12.00 per Child & $15.00 per Adult.

Package #1 Includes: Entry into the Farm, a Hayride around the farm, (Each child can pick a pint of fresh berries from the fields (blackberries or blueberries, berry availability can change without much notice, if there are not enough ripe berries for your group to pick the day of your scheduled trip, the hatchery and greenhouse/garden tour can be substituted), the Petting Zoo, the Ag in the Classroom Chicken Show, the Education Station, Cedar Hill Rail Road, and use of our Play and Picnic Areas.


Package #2: $15.00 per Child

Package #2 Includes: All of Package #1 plus a Pony Ride for each child. (Children must be under 48″ to ride.)

Package #3:
$20.00 per Child

Package #3 Includes:All of Package #2 plus a Farm Lunch. Farm Lunch Includes: an all beef Hot Dog, Chips, Juice Drink and Dessert.  Substitute a Hamburger/Cheeseburger for $1.00 more. Upgrade to milk for $1.00 more.

Package #4:
$17.00 per Child (Concessions Available for Adults)

Package #4 Includes: All of Package #1 plus a Farm Lunch.

In order to get the field trip rates, a reservation must be made and all money from students and adult chaperones must be collected and paid as one payment upon arrival through a group leader.  Anyone that does not pay through the group leader will be charged the general admission price.  We take school check, cash and credit card.  All adults, including staff must wear their admission sticker to show that they have checked in and payed.  Children will not be given stickers.  Field trip rates are not offered on weekends.


Three Hours is the average time needed to complete all the activities including eating lunch on one of our field trips. If you feel you may not have this much time, you can leave off some of the activities in order to cut out time.

In order to ensure that you get the date that you want please book at the beginning of each semester. Also, if you want to avoid the crowds book at the beginning of the week instead of the end and also book further away from major holidays ex. Halloween and Good Friday.

We are working hard to ensure that field trips at Cedar Hill Farm are as educational and fun as they can be. We are making improvements to facilities and reworking our scheduling every season to make your field trip more enjoyable.

Any suggestions or comments are much appreciated. Please feel free to call or email us any time.