Pick Your Own Hours: June / Mon. – Sat. 9am – 4pm, Closed on Sundays.
Please call or email ahead to check on availability before you drive out!  It is best to come in the mornings. Some days all of the ripe berries can be picked out by lunch. Monday is a good day to pick because the fields are not picked at all on Sundays.
Please call or email ahead for Pre-Pick orders to reserve the berries and to schedule a pick up time
Call, email or Join us on Facebook for updates on ripening and availability.

For Prices & Ripening Calendar click the button below. 

We currently have over 1,000 mature blackberry plants ready for picking. The strand of blackberry we currently have planted, is the Kiowa strand developed by the University of Arkansas. The bushes are thorny, but the berries are very flavorful and sweet with large berries averaging around 11 grams/berry with some berries reaching up to 13 grams/berry.

The seeds are not too big so they make good jams & jellies. They also freeze very well and have a long picking season extending up to six weeks long. We have our blackberries trellised on raised beds with drip irrigation and are covered with landscape fabric to help cut back on weeds.

We are not certified organic but we work very hard to prevent the use of as many chemicals as we can.  Our berries are picked and sold fresh daily. We will be selling directly from the farm.  Unsold berries are frozen at the end of each day and are available for sale by the gallon. 

Limited supply of frozen berries available.  They are frozen whole and unwashed.  Great for making jam, baking or thawing a few at a time to top ice cream with.